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Dave Amaru

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I websites, products & services.

Identifying problems, finding solutions.

Holistic human approach to research and ethical design.

About me

Hi, My name is Dave, welcome to my website. I'm a smart, creative, and alternative type person. I work in research and design.

My main areas of focus is improving user experience and user interfaces. I have a diverse academic background which helps me expand my work outside of the tech world too.

I can help with websites, apps, products, content, services in digital and physical spaces.

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Some things I do

A number of mobile phones showcasing aspects of UI design

User Interface/UI

Design and develop

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Review & Analysis

What's happening

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A browser showing a modern website design

Update & upgrade

New improvements

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Some things I have done

A hand, holding a mobile phone displaying the IKEA website, with an IKEA display room in the background


UI/UX Service

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A mobile phone displaying a mobile prototype for the Catholic Schools NSW integrated platform application



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One roof

UX, Web Analysis

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There's more to what you see and do.

Find out what's happening and how to improve it.

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"Amazing!, I particularly like your analogy and comparisons, Thank you!"

Peita Plini,CEO TheSwag.com.au

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